Henri Nissen, Journalist, Edithor, Author, Master of Religious Studies.

Henri Nissen, Journalist, Editor, Author, Master and Doctor of Religious Studies.

Henri Nissen is a graduate of the Danish School of Media and Journalism in Aarhus, Denmark. He has written thousands of articles, produced radio broadcasts and television programs, and written books that have been translated into other
languages. As a journalist he has travelled extensively in French-speaking Africa for the Lutheran World Federation. He is the Chief Editor of Udfordringen, a Christian weekly news magazine in Denmark. The search for Noah’s Ark has been his passion for the last twenty years, and he has visited the Ararat Mountains several times.

The book Noah’s Ark – Ancient Accounts and New Discoveries is the result of his research. In 2015 he earned a Master in Religious Studies, and in 2018 a Doctorate on his research abouth the ancient accounts of Noah and the Flood and the new discoveries in 2008. He has written 15 books, most of them in Danish, but som has been translated into other languages.